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Shantou Li An Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is established in 1997. The company has been persisting in the core spirit of innovative design and excellent quality, and focus on the development, production and sales of innovative houseware products. With almost 20 year’s development, the company has earned a place in the field and lead the domestic innovative houseware industry.


The brand “anya” is established in 2000. Under the philosophy of Creative, Living and Funny, pursuing the practical nature and the rich sensory enjoyment, the company developed 5 product lines, which are Peking Opera, Households, Kitchen, Bathroom and Outdoor. With 15 years’ great effort, “anya” successfully build up the superior brand image and enjoy high popularity and reputation in the field. In the future, “anya” would continuously expend each product line to offer more option to the market, and would at the same time explore in other fields and lead the market revolution.


The company has been exploring the construction of core competitivenesss. By making great effort and introducing advanced management concepts, the company has successfully established a benchmark in the field.


With the excellent R&D team, the company develops the models, functions, and the patterns independently, and has got the utility model patents, design patents and the copy rights, all of which grants the sustainable development of the company. The R&D team is highly sensitive to the market. They dives deep into the consumer needs and develop products that actually meet the consumer demands of practicality and aesthetics, and are widely acclaimed.


The company attaches great importance to product quality. We apply high standard and high criteria ingredients, and ensure that the product meet the national and European regulations. It is believed that a fine quality is the essence of a long-lasting business.


The company establishes adequate sales management system and pricing system, and protects the customers of various channels from vicious competition. Besides, terminal supporting system is built to provide detailed product training and attentive services to the customers.


The company values the talents and emphasizes the moral training of the staff. We believe in morality and take it as the core measurement of talents. It’s our employment concept to aggregate the probity and give off the positive energy to the world.


We believe that one can rise abruptly only on a well-grounded basis. With almost 20 years great effort and accumulation, we achieve fast growing as is. Along with the fast penetration of “anya” products, we are searching for more and broader sales channels. We sincerely expect you to join us. We would achieve a more prosperous future together!