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Employee Growth Plan - "Business Etiquette"

Employee Growth Plan - "Business Etiquette"

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2019/02/25 14:54
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At 10:00 in the company meeting room, Manager Chen of Human Resources Department gave a special lecture entitled "Business Etiquette" for all the administrative staff....
At 10:00 in the company meeting room, Manager Chen of Human Resources Department gave a special lecture entitled "Business Etiquette" for all the administrative staff.
Manager Chen explained the various etiquettes used in business activities. False behavior and correct business etiquette behavior that should be avoided during the use of business etiquette. For example, the most commonly used telephone communication etiquette in daily business activities, a detailed explanation of the complete set of telephone etiquette when contacting the customer, how to make a call, how to answer the call, how to respond to the call, etc. Proper use of business etiquette is both a respect for customers and an important expression of the company's image.
Participants expressed their interest in participating in the lecture. Apply the right business etiquette to your daily work.