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Employee Growth Plan - Communication Management

Employee Growth Plan - Communication Management

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2019/02/25 14:53
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At 10:00 in the company meeting room, Manager Chen of the Human Resources Department gave a lecture entitled “Communication Management” for all the administrative staff....
At 10:00 in the company meeting room, Manager Chen of the Human Resources Department gave a lecture entitled “Communication Management” for all the administrative staff.
Manager Chen explained the various phenomena that lead to poor communication during the daily interpersonal communication process. In the process of the speech, the contents of the lectures were combined with different small games. Through the active participation of the participants, personal understanding of the content of the lecture, rather than just staying in simple listening and receiving, the effect is better. The addition of small games also makes the whole lecture process interesting and interesting.
Through this lecture, everyone is more aware of the problems in daily communication. It indicates that in the future, it will avoid the problem of poor communication in daily communication.
Employee Growth Plan - Communication Management