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2015 Plastics Association “Innovative Design Award”

2015 Plastics Association “Innovative Design Award”

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2019/02/25 14:52
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The 2015 “Innovative Design Award” organized by China Plastics Association Plastics and Household Products Committee was grandly announced in Ningbo. After the fierce competition.
The 2015 “Innovative Design Award” organized by China Plastics Association Plastics and Household Products Committee was grandly announced in Ningbo. After the fierce competition, “Lianan Plastic Products Co., Ltd.” won the “Innovative Design Award” in the plastic furniture industry in the competition.
Shantou Li'an Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research and development of creative home products, insisting on the innovative design of products and excellent quality as the core of enterprise development.
With excellent R&D and design team, the functions, shapes, structures and patterns of independent research and development products have obtained more than 200 utility model patents, appearance patents and copyrights issued by the state. The work is novel and unique in appearance, unique in structure and has been recommended by media news and creative websites.
The three products participating in this competition have been promoted to the market and are well received by consumers.