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What are the benefits of wheat (wheat straw) meals?

What are the benefits of wheat (wheat straw) meals?

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2019/02/21 14:10
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Wheat straw environmental protection tableware is a new type of environmentally friendly tableware. It is not only healthy and pollution-free, but also helps us to reuse resources and reduce waste of resources..
Wheat straw environmental protection tableware is a new type of environmentally friendly tableware. It is not only healthy and pollution-free, but also helps us to reuse resources and reduce waste of resources.
        Wheat straw environmental protection tableware, also called plant fiber environmental protection tableware, is a convenient tableware container molded by rice husk, plant straw, wood chips and food processing waste through cleaning, disinfection and crushing. The products mainly include: bowl, cup, There are more than 200 varieties of different specifications such as plates, saucers, pots and European art. Its main features are as follows:
1, local materials, low cost: the production of raw materials are mainly plant straw, shell, waste residue (bagasse, S 2, heat and pressure resistance, high quality: high temperature deformation of products, waterproof and oil proof, local can carry 3KG pressure .
3, non-toxic, harmless, green and environmental protection: the raw materials of the products are natural plants, natural high-temperature disinfection in the production process, buried in the soil after use, natural degradation into organic fertilizer in 3 months.
4, production process, no three waste emissions: the product from material processing to compression molding, the entire production process does not produce any waste gas, wastewater and waste residue. If damage occurs during processing, it can be re-pulverized and reused.
        These straw environmental protection tableware are resistant to high temperature and can be degraded. After being discarded, there is no pollution to the environment. Each year, nearly 100 million tons of straw can be effectively utilized to fundamentally solve the problem of straw burning.