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Rice bucket shopping tips

Rice bucket shopping tips

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2019/02/21 12:14
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High temperature summer, rice is prone to bugs,During the rainy season, it is not easy to get wet due to poor storage....
High temperature summer, rice is prone to bugs,
During the rainy season, it is not easy to get wet due to poor storage.
All year round, nowhere!
If you want to eat the fragrant rice, it is really a headache.
The healthy consumption of rice and the choice of rice barrels are very important.
At present, the rice barrels on the market are roughly the following materials:
Wood, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic or glass. What kind of material is the rice bucket is better? Comprehensive storage methods, health, and collocation are required.
Solid wood rice barrels are environmentally friendly and breathable
The wooden rice barrel is durable, does not rust, is relatively ventilated, and is safe and healthy, and is very popular in the market. Whether it is practical or appearance, wooden rice barrels have a comparative advantage. Wooden rice barrels are a good choice if you want to achieve the best of both worlds in terms of practical value and appreciation.
Advantages: Conceptual and environmentally friendly, it is a natural and fresh household item; it is durable and will not rust, safe and healthy.
Disadvantages: Not waterproof, if it is wet for a long time, the wooden hair will swell, the structure will be damaged, and the wear resistance will be poor.
Plastic rice bucket is simple and affordable
Plastic rice barrels are the most common rice barrels on the market, but pay attention to the material of plastic rice barrels. Not all plastic barrels can be used to make rice barrels. Polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials are safer and healthier. If there is a plastic bucket at home, in order to ensure safety and hygiene, when using the rice barrel, you should know what the plastic bucket is for before.
Advantages: simple household products, lightweight, easy to carry; cheap and affordable; waterproof;
Disadvantages: easy to aging, the material will become brittle after aging; anti-corrosion is not strong, not heat-resistant, will release toxins when exposed to heat, endangering health.
Stainless steel rice barrels are beautiful and high-grade
The stainless steel m barrel is suitable for the kitchen under bright color. When the light source is sufficient, it can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen and embellish the home environment.
Advantages: high-tech, waterproof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, high-grade appearance.
Disadvantages: Inferior stainless steel meters, easy to release heavy metals, harmful to the body.
Ceramic rice bucket is waterproof and heat resistant
Ceramic or glass is a relatively traditional rice material.
Advantages: waterproof, heat-resistant, traditional appearance, ceramic rice barrel antique.
Disadvantages: easy to break, inconvenient to use; style is difficult to match, difficult to match with modern kitchen; ceramic rice barrel is bulky and bulky.
The material of the rice barrel has its own strength. Every household has different performance requirements for the rice barrel, but it can ensure that the rice is eaten healthily, which is the most important thing.
I hope this post can help everyone.
When choosing a rice bucket, you are not afraid to choose fear!